Selling a house in the Discovery Bay market can be tricky and a seller needs a realtor who knows the area. Randy Prince has lived here many years and it is reflected in his expertise in marketing strategy. I felt more than comfortable with his plan to sell my golf course home and was always in the loop with Randy and his assistant Megen. They truly made me feel part of their team who’s sole purpose was to bring qualified buyers through my door. Once we had our offer, escrow could not have gone smoother and I cannot recommend Randy Prince highly enough!

Kim, Newport Beach

I have been a client of Randy and Megen. They have helped me sell and lease my residential properties in Discovery Bay area. What I like the most about Randy is that he is straight forward, he is honest, he cares about his client’s interest and he knows the market well. Business aside, it has been a joy working with both of them. I have no doubt I will be working with Randy and Megen for years to come.

Peter Chen

My wife and I just recently relocated from Southern California to Northern California and are happy to share our warm sentiments and thanks with potential home buyers in the market for a terrific Realtor Team as well as supporting Broker. As we began our search and being unfamiliar with the area and or local Realtors, we were pointed to Randy Prince with the Intero Real-estate group by my Brother in Law who highly recommended Randy as a “Disco Bay” expert. My Brother in Law loves his baby sister who I have the privilege of being married to for the past 30 years. I knew with his recommendation we couldn’t go wrong. From the first time I spoke to Randy on the phone, I could feel a genuine desire to share more than just available homes and a desire to earn a commission. Randy asked many questions well beyond “How Much, How Big, etc.” and more about what we enjoyed doing, what type of weather we appreciated, community, etc. It was warm, welcoming and quite comforting being so new to the area. And no, we are not related to Randy in any way, shape and or form. My wife remained in SoCal as I began my new career in NorCal and simultaneously looking for our new home. Selecting a home without ones better half not always advisable and or easy to say the least. Here is where Randy’s partner came into play and made this a much safer and enjoyable process for us. Megen, Randy’s partner stepped in and offered to call my wife to talk about her likes, dislikes, the area and all it has to offer. Thank God for Megen as she without fail insured I didn’t make a mistake in finding the right area and or the right house from a woman’s perspective. Megen took time on multiple occasions to chat with my bride and quickly put her at ease as well as get her excited about the prospect of moving to Discovery Bay. (THANK YOU MEGEN)! Until now, I thought anyone could be a realtor and that their job was fairly simply. No longer will I look at a Realtor as a necessary cost, but more as a coach, mentor, mediator and marriage counselor. Huge thanks to Randy and Megen as well as the Intero Broker team who I know was instrumental in supporting and coaching all of us in the background.

Nick & Carol Rosner